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The Choose Your Pleasure card game is a full deck of 52 cards with sexy scenarios on each. The deck is split up for "his" and "her" challenges, and comes with dice so you can randomize prompts.

A Year of Sex! Sexual Position Card Game Foreplay Fun Sex Games Kama Sutra. SEXPECTATIONS Card Deck – Conversation Starters for Couples – 52 Questions on Intimacy – Fun Marriage Road Trip Cards Game – Communication in Relationships – Honeymoon – Wedding Gift.

This sexy card game is as simple as drawing and laying down cards! The number and suit on the card you choose will tell you what to do to your spouse. The suit coordinates to a steamy action you'll complete, and the number tells you which body part to do the action to!

Sex is Fun includes 94 playing cards that will take your sex play to new heights and open the door to conversations and closeness that few relationships achieve. Based on two years of listener feedback garnered from the insanely popular podcast series Sex is Fun, this game is designed specifically to help couples communicate about sex.

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1. Cards Against Humanity. This O.G. adult card game has more than 45,000 ultra-positive reviews on Amazon. In each round of this self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people," one player asks a question from a black card (example: "Dude, do not go into the bathroom, there's ___ in there."), and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

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Deck of Desire – This sexy card game is SO simple and easy to pull off and it will for SURE be a favorite with your spouse! For starters, grab a deck of cards and then you'll be ready for some fun lovin'!; Private Affairs – Over 500 cards that will get you and your spouse talking! For example, it includes deep, thought-provoking topics regarding intimacy and your relationship.

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Sexy card and board games can really spice up a night with your partner or even friends. Indeed, some spicy fun should not be an exclusive of specific kind of parties like bachelor and bachelorette ones. Games involving some sensual teasing and a bit of embarrassment can always be good fun if played with respect of each others' limits and preferences.

Before the game begins, both of you write down the sexy play that you want to do, if you win. Each of you receive 8 cards, and place the rest of the cards in a pile and turn over the top card next to the pile. Eights are wild (of course), and can become any suit or number.

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You know this card game. If you want a simple and fun night indoors, play the game like normal but just take a drink every time your partner gets a pair. Hide the cards that would go in the 'fishing' pile in naughty places.

your back pocket, hide it in your hair, or nestled safely in your sexy lingerie.